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Pongal Dance

Pongal is an important festival of Tamil Nadu, which is situated in the Southern part of India. Pongal dance is performed throughout the state by the inhabitants to observe this festival. It differs from other Hindu festivals of India, for it is observed on 14th January of every year and it is celebrated in accordance with the solar calendar. In North Indian states, this festival is observed as Makar Sankranti and has astronomical implications, for it symbolises the commencement of Uttarayan.

Throughout Tamil Nadu the festival is celebrated for four days. In addition to feasting and singing people observe this day by dancing to express their ecstasy. Pongal dance is very famous among people of Tamil Nadu. Various types of traditional pongal dances are performed on this festival in community gatherings and in temples. Here are some of the Pongal dance names which are performed during this auspicious occasion.

Pongal Dance Names


It is a famous folk dance of Tamil Nadu and is generally performed by rural inhabitants. It can be performed in pair or individually. People balance a pot, put over their head while performing this form of dance.


Kummi is the most popular Pongal dance performed by the people of Tamil Nadu. It is considered that this form of dance came into existence even before the evolution of music and is the most ancient of all the dance forms. Women in this form of dance, make circle and rhythmically clap their hands to dance.

Mayil Attam

Girls perform this form of dance on the auspicious occasion of pongal. In this type of dance, people get dressed like a peacock embellished with peacock feather and sparkling dresses.

Oyil Kummi

It is the one ancient dance forms of Tamil Nadu and is very famous in Salem, Trichi, Coimbatore, Periyar and Dharmapuri districts. It is particularly performed by men in absence of any music and is performed in all the temples during the festival.

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