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Rice Pongal

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» Raw Rice -300 gms
» Moong Dal (yellow or green) 100 gms
» Hing powder -Half tsp
» Cummin Seeds- one or two tsp
» Black pepper- 10 to 12
» Cashew nuts-10 no
» Ginger- 1 inch piece
» Turmeric powder- half tsp (optional, if you like the colour)
» Clarified Butter or liquified Ghee- four tbsp
» Curry Leaves- 10 no (optional)
» Salt- to taste

1. Heat Kadai. Dry roast rice and moong dal till they turn hot to touch.
2. Transfer the rice and dal to a container and wash three times in fresh water.
3. Add water four times the quantity of rice and dal and add salt.
4. Pressure cook for four whistles.
5. In a kadai dry roast cummin seeds and pepper for 2 minutes and powder coarsely.
6. Chop the ginger finely and keep aside.
7. Add one table spoon of ghee in the kadai and roast the cashew nuts(halved) till they turn light brown.
8. Add ginger, powdered cummin seeds, hing powder, turmeric powder and curry leaves and roast for a minute.
9. Take out the cooked rice and dal mix and mash well using a masher.
10. Add all the prepared ingredients and mix well with remaining ghee.
11. Rice Pongal is ready and can be served with coconut chutney.

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