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Facts Associated with Pongal Celebration in India!

Posted on : 11th January 2017

Pongal is a festival of India which marks the beginning of the six month's journey of Sun in Northward direction called as Uttarayan and is observed every year on 14th of January. This time is considered as an auspicious time of the year when Sun starts moving towards Makar Rashi.

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How is the Four Day long Festival of Pongal Celebrated?

Posted on : 30th December 2016

Pongal is celebrated in the Tamil Nadu which is located in the Southern part of India! It is not a celebration of a single day and is celebrated in a time span of four days. For the Hindu community, Pongal has been considered as one of the most important festivals of the year. Its significance lies in the fact that, it is celebrated to say thanks to God and the creator of the nature for the flourishing season of harvest. The name Pongal has been derived from the Tamil word "to boil". It is held in the Thai month, which falls from January to February. During this season various cereals, rice, sugar-cane turmeric and many other cooking essentials of Tamil Nadu are harvested.

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Pongal –The Festival Celebrating Prosperity

Posted on : 4th January 2016

India is a land whose primary occupation is agriculture. Changes in season thus play a very important role for Indian farmers. Their lifestyles and celebrations are thus exclusively linked to the seasonal landmarks in an year. There are many Indian festivals which are in tune with a farmers lifestyle and also with the seasonal variations in an year. Pongal, the harvest festival of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu is one of them

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