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Pongal Songs

The Pongal songs of Tamil land have in them a remarkable charm just as one can find in the songs of any other country. But what is special in these Pongal songs is, they not only possess a native charm and the aroma of the soil but have preserved in them a certain literary and artistic quality which is at once striking and characteristic. This is so because the people who speak the language of these folk songs, the Tamils, have had a great historical past and a wonderful literary tradition.

These Pongal songs deal with such universal themes as Love and War, Wealth and Poverty and they also deal with religious themes and mythological episodes. They centre round famous chieftains, leaders and legends associated with the festival of Pongal. Each village in South India has these songs in hundreds and each temple has its own traditional songs. There are several Pongal songs peculiar to the area and these songs reflect the individuality of the region and its traditions in worship. Pongal is also associated with the dance and drama that play a very important part and so naturally these songs form the major bulk of this valuable treasure.

Pongalo Pongal
Pongalo Pongal!
Thai pongal!
karumbu soru yarukku
sarkarai satham yaruku
Pongalo Pongal!
Mattu Pongal!
nandasoru yaruku
Pongalo Pongal!
yenna machan
paal pongiyacha
pongalo pongal
Contributed by: Srinivasan

Pongal SongsThalaivar Pongal Songs
Podhuvaaha en manasu thangon
Oru poattiyinnu vandhuputta singon
Unmaya solvaen nallatha seiven
vetri mel vetri varum...
aaduvom paaduvom kondaaduvom
aanandham kaanuvom ennaalumae

Vandhaendaa paal kaaraen
Pasumaatta paththi paada poaraen
Oru paattu katti aada poaraen
Pullu kuduththaa paalu kudukkum
unnaala mudiyaathu thambi
Hey Paadhi pulla porakkuthappaaa
Pasumbaala thai paala nambiiii

'amman kovil kizhakkale
anna vayal merkale
namma ooru naduvale nikkuthadi
nathu sanam nammai kandu sokkuthadi

angala ammanukku
adiyile pongal vacha......'

Thanda Nana
Thanda nana....
Thanda nana...
Thanda naa naa..aaa.. hoi

Bogi idhu Bogi idhu nandha laalaaaa... hoi...
Bogi idhu Bogi idhu nandha laalaaaa... hoi...

katukuyilu manasukkulla paatukonnum panjamilla paadathaan
kavalaikattu vittuputtu thavilaith thattu thullikittu aadathan
ellorum moththathile sandhosha saththathilea
onnaana naerathile ullasa nenjathilae

Podaa ellam vittuthallu pazhasaiyellam suttuthallu
pudhusaa ippa porandhomunnu ennikollada

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