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Pongal Wishes

Pongal Wishes
Pongal Wishes
Pongal wishes are exchanged between family and friends, and there are celebrations within the family. As one stand on the threshold of the harvest season, everyone exchange Pongal wishes, hoping that it brings the harbinger of good luck, good fortune and good cheer. People wish each other good times and happiness, peace and prosperity and a whole lot more in life. People wish each other with words like "Pongalo Pongal" and "Pongum Mangalam Engum Thanguga" in Tamil. Tamils wish each other to start the New year with mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust and sincere cooperation.

There is no age, sex and language bar for this festival. Though the traditional way of wishing people on the festival of Pongal is to visit personally. But due to increase in distance and lack of time due to busy lifestyle, people have taken the help of the Internet. One can easily send an e-greeting card, free of cost. Further, these card can be personalized as one can splash a few colors or paint a theme, and give an appropriate and attractive Pongal greeting with it.

Throughout the four days of Pongal there is exchange of sweets and presents between family, friends, neighbors, employers and employees, as a symbol of unity and tradition that is passed down to new generations. As part of age-old belief and in the hope that the month of `Thai' will usher in good fortunes, Tamils go agog with joy. With accompanying music to add to the mood, they knock at every door and receive gifts and sumptuous meal.

The farm laborers too get rewards and gifts from their masters, called `Pongal Padi' or `Pongal Parisu' (the Pongal gift). In the villages, shopkeepers give gifts or a bonus to their employees to show their gratitude for the hard work they have done through out the year.

In urban areas, all regular service goers are paid this `Pongal Padi'.